Compostable containers for thermosealing

The beginning of the end of plastic


Compostable and Recyclable

The trays biodegrade quickly without leaving any trace on the Earth. The trays can be recycled as paper as well.

Quality and Features

It allows the same applications as plastics, with high quality results.

Competitive Price

Unlike other alternatives, our prices are similar to those of plastics.

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Our Mission

Create the real alternative to plastic

Our mission is very clear: to help in the transition from plastic food packaging towards a compostable, recyclable, healthy and environmentally friendly packaging solution.

Features of Our Compostable Packaging

We use innovative materials and processes that allow us to have all the advantages of plastic but with 100% environmentally friendly materials.

Rapid Cooling

Material suitable for rapid cooling after cooking, widely used in catering.


Without affecting its qualities.

Flow-pack Packaging

Material suitable for rapid cooling after cooking, widely used in mass catering.

Manual/automatic shrink film packaging

Without affecting its qualities.

Suitable for Microwave heating

3min. at 900w / 5min. at 750w

Suitable for oven

4h. at 100ºC / 45min. at 140ºC

Suitable for Refrigerator

Material suitable for rapid cooling after cooking, widely used in mass catering.

Suitable for Freezer

Up to -40ºC

Product Lifecycle

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Compostable containers for thermosealing Lifecycle

Main Applications of Our Trays

Collective Catering

Collective Catering is one of the industries that is more present in our daily life. The OrganicPac® trays are designed to substitute plastics or other solutions for Cook & Chill systems. Our trays can be frozen, chilled, reheated and don’t have endocrine disruptors.

Food Service

The OrganicPac® trays of the Food Service range are designed for a polyvalent solution, and to work with existing molds and sealing machines. Our trays are perfect for a shelf life of 5 days. The trays are water tight. Besides, they have an ecological look & feel that pleases the users and helps with the customer retention.


The Retail trays are designed for packing in the store or at the suppliers’ site. The packaged products are protein based raw or cooked foods, such as meat and fish. New developments have allowed us to match and even improve plastic features for Retail applications. Water-tight and liquid-absorbent features are already available and working in several customers. OrganicPac® has developed gaz and water vapor barriers as well, that allow longer shelf lives.

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